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You Are Enough

The students awkwardly line up in P.E. class and the teacher chooses two team captains.  As the teams are being chosen, thoughts are racing through their minds as they wait for their name to be called.  Not one of them is thinking, “I hope I get picked last.”

On the first day of college, excitement fills the air with dreams and expectation for the future. No one is sitting in that classroom thinking, “I want to fail.”

She is dressed in white, his eyes never leave hers as he watches her walk down the aisle toward him.  Neither one of them are thinking, “I hope this marriage ends in divorce.”

A tiny pink bundle of joy looks up at her adoring parents with the eyes of an angel.  As they hold their precious little one for the first time their hearts are bursting with emotions of every kind.  They’re not thinking, “I want to disappoint you.”

It’s okay to desire success.

None of us ever start something hoping for fail at it, but I’ve learned that sometimes in life we have to carefully redefine our idea of success.

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