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The Right Kind of Busy


“We must work the works of Him Who sent Me and be busy with His business while it is daylight; night is coming on, when no man can work.” ~ John 9:4
We think of the word busy in such a negative way.   It’s true, when we are excessively busy to the point of overwhelming stress it’s not a good thing.  But, there is a ‘right kind of busy’.
The kind of busy that Jesus talks about in this verse is a busyness found in works that align us with our divine purpose in life.
Motherhood is busy… but investing in our children through all the seasons of their lives is a fulfilling calling from God and planting seeds for the future.
Serving and helping others  in need can make for a busy schedule… but people always matter.
Working a job to provide financially can be busy… but God uses our resources to be a blessing to others.
Sometimes it can just look like busyness from the outside but the motivation and purpose behind the things that fill our days is what I believe defines the actions.
We are faced with moments in time and if we are discerning we will seize those moments with the right kind of busyness.
If we are distracted, we can miss some of those moments with the ineffective busyness.
I have been busy… which is why I have not written here in about a month.
However, I believe that it has been a time of the right kind of busyness, filled with God’s purpose for my life.
May your days be filled with God’s plans and divine busyness!

6 responses to “The Right Kind of Busy”

  1. I think this is a key idea. In the right kind of busyness you have the energy and time for everything you are supposed to be doing. In the wrong kind we are wasted. All the time. Great thoughts, Danise!

    1. So true… God gives us the strength to do A LOT… when it’s the right kind of busy! good to hear from you friend!

    1. Oh sweet Sharon! thank you for noticing that I had been away from the blog for a bit! love and blessings to you :)

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