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Purified Conscience

“…The blood of Christ will purify our consciences¬†

from sinful deeds so that we can worship the living God…”

~ Hebrews 9:14

Our conscience tells us what we think about ourselves.

It’s the place down deep inside of each of us where guilt meets mercy.

As we celebrate the gift of God’s Son and remember the victory He has given to us, I think of the power of His sacrifice.

His blood washes not only the sinful deeds but beyond that He has purified our consciences.

We are deeply and compassionately loved by God.

He wants us to know that and more importantly believe it all the way down to the core of who we are.

Where shame has led to feeling rejected; His blood makes whole and we know we are accepted.

Jesus not only forgave our sins, He washed them from our conscience so that we would no longer condemn ourselves.

With hearts fulfilled and souls redeemed we proclaim, “I am free!” ~ Thank you Jesus!



3 responses to “Purified Conscience”

  1. Thanks for letting the Lord use you to inspire us all.. Your blog is a testament of the Godly woman God has called you to be…

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