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One of the Hardest Lessons in Ministry

When you look at people, do you see their potential?

I do.

I see beyond the past.

I see into the undiscovered realities of what could be.

Maybe it’s because God has done so much in my own life.

Maybe I see potential in others because over the years as a women’s pastor I have seen true miracles and transformations happen in the lives of so many women.

Maybe it’s just because I believe…. I really believe in Jesus and His power to give us victory!

 Romans 8: 37 “Overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.” 

I can believe for victory in someone’s life.

I can see the potential.

I can even lead them to the truth of God, who will set them free.

But, I can’t walk it out for them.

I can’t surrender to God for them.

One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn while ministering to others is…

I Can’t Want It More Than They Do

Sometimes I feel my heart might burst with compassion when I see the pain and hurt they are going through.

Oh, how I want them to experience the healing of Jesus love and to achieve every one of their dreams and goals.

They come to me and ask for help.

I know it’s His help they really need.

I’m happy to share whatever He has taught me.

I see the God potential in their eyes.  I see how close their freedom is.

And then sometimes it seems like they are giving up or losing the battle.

That’s when I’m tempted to try to rescue or some how do more.  But I have learned there are times to let go and trust God.

So I go to God in prayer.

I pray for them.

I pray for freedom, hope, fulfillment and every good gift God has to shower over them.

And, I pray… Oh, Lord please help them to want all that you have for them, because they have to want their freedom even more than I want it for them.

Psalm 71:5  “O Lord, you alone are my hope. I’ve trusted you”

2 responses to “One of the Hardest Lessons in Ministry”

  1. Simply beautiful! I think I can rest here for a while. Your heart and compassion for others is so clearly seen in your words. I know your comment on my post was encouragement I desperatly needed…the reminder that God understands are weepy moments. Blessings to you. I think I will further explore your beautiful site! :)

    1. thank you Beth for stopping by and for your sweet encouraging words! I am so glad my comment was encouraging to you… your post and your heart are truly genuine. Blessings to you too!

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