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Living with Emotional Abundance


“Anxiety isn’t meant to be avoided at all cost.  Anxiety, or unpeace as I like to say, can be God’s flashing light on the roadway of our journey, directing us toward Himself and toward the PEACE for which we so desperately long.”  – Lisa Murray 

Throughout her book, Lisa shares countless nuggets of truth and wisdom to help us embrace and develop Emotional Abundance in our lives.

Emotional Abundance or (EA) as Lisa refers to it can be described as “the ability to feel our emotions, to reason through our emotions, to understand our emotions, and to effectively manage our emotions so we can appropriately respond to the people and circumstances around us.”

Sometimes we can feel as though we are able to understand and reason through our emotions fairly well and other times we can feel so overwhelmed by them that we disconnect.  Lisa helps her readers build and discover Emotional Abundance. (EA)

Her book is a valuable resource that I will return to over and over again.  I highly recommend it!

Lisa Murray is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in spiritual, emotional, and relational healing as well as a full spectrum of mental health issues.

Now we can all have our very own one-on-one session with her as we journey together through the pages of her book, she helps us connect with ourselves, our faith and our emotions; leading us to “Peace for a Lifetime”. 

View the book trailer for “Peace for a Lifetime” 

Lisa’s book is available on Amazon Here and I am giving away a copy of this amazing resource to one of my blog readers… Just leave a comment on this post to enter.  

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This week I am giving away a copy of Lisa Murray’s book

PEACE FOR A LIFETIME: Embracing a life of Hope, Wholeness & Harmony Through Emotional Abundance

Just leave a comment on this post for a chance to win your copy of “Peace for a Lifetime” 

This giveaway is now closed.  Congrats to Sarah Bedgood!! She won a copy of “Peace for a Lifetime” 

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10 responses to “Living with Emotional Abundance”

  1. “Peace for a Lifetime” sounds interesting and with Lisa Murray’s background it should be full of good advice to help us find peace with the past, present and future.

  2. I read your posts all the time but especially loved this one! I struggle with anxiety (or “unpeace”) on a daily basis and even take medicine for it, but I’ve been trying to go to God and pray first before I worry first. This was a great post to read for this issue I struggle with!

  3. This is awesome! In the discipleship group that I lead, we’ve been studying the Armor of God. This week we are studying the shoes of peace!!! What perfect timing to read this great word of encouragement! Thank you! Hope I win the book so I can share it with the ladies in my discipleship group! :)

  4. I have thoroughly enjoyed Lisa’s book, Danise. I love the way she defined EA and I find myself going back and using her definitions and examples to help me process my own reactions and responses but my families as well. I will be using it a a reference often.:)


  5. The resources on this site should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice. Users seeking information about a personal genetic disease, syndrome, or condition should consult with a qualified healthcare professional. See How can I find a genetics professional in my area? in the Handbook.

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