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How To Be Free January: Fear

Freedom in Christ helps us to overcome literally everything that hinders us from reaching our God-given potential.

God so patiently and carefully leads us all into new territory.

With every baby step we take on the unfamiliar path… FEAR is there to greet us.

Although fear is intimating, it has no power in the presence of our mighty God.

God holds our trembling heart near to Him as He reminds of His promise…

“There is no fear in love.  But perfect love drives out fear…”  – 1 John 4:18

Fear tempts us to quit… God’s love makes us brave to persevere.

Fear makes us insecure… God’s love anchors us in our true identity.

Fear creates problems in our relationships… God’s love teaches us how to maintain healthy relationships.

Fear threatens to steal our joy… God’s love touches to the depth of our heart to spring up a well of genuine happiness.

Fear looms at night with unsettling thoughts, keeping us from the rest we need… God’s love guards our mind with peace and blissful sleep.

Fear will try to find a way to keep us all from the fulfilled life that God promised… But God’s unfailing love is always so much bigger than any fear we might encounter.

God’s courage calls to us to dig deep, with faith beyond the angst we feel, to a place where we can dare to believe in victory over it.

What lies ahead of us on the other side of the fears that hold us captive?

LIFE…  A life filled with God’s freedom!

This week, no matter how fear might try to hold you back – remember that your God loves you and BE BRAVE.

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9 responses to “How To Be Free January: Fear”

  1. Fear is everywhere and so easy to get in it’s trap. Fear is from satan–never from God. I keep reminding myself of that.

    Thank you.

  2. Great post, Danise. You’ve done a good job of pointingbout just how many ways fear can keep us in bondage. And yet, love conquers fear! Thanks for a great devotional I will bookmark and go back to regularly!

  3. I like the contrasts you point out between the effects fear has on us and the effects God’s love has. Great reminder that focusing on his love drives fear away.

  4. Love this reminder of God’s power at work in our lives! Against all fear, we are over comers!I was just reading 1st John today, too! :) Thank you for your daily encouragement!

  5. Danise,
    Yes! I’ve been reading 1 John 4 and I loved what you wrote. I am constantly praying and asking God to help me to move forward in courage and trust and not fear. Many blessings to you :-) And thanks so much for sending the card to my friend, Debbie. She was blessed :-)

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