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God's Hope (1)

God’s Hope // DaySpring Necklace Giveaway

Do you have HOPE?

Hope is defined as Desire, Expectation, Goal, Plan & Dream…

When life is void of these things discouragement sets in.  

God’s wants us to live a full life overflowing with HOPE.

What are my Desires?  Expectations?  Goals?  Plans?  Dreams?

 Sometimes our desires can leave us filling empty.

Our expectations can be disappointed because we have placed them on people and situations.

Goals, plans and even dreams can fail – but there is ONE who never fails.  God.   

The best HOPE to have is God’s HOPE:

  • A heart full with God’s desires
  • Living with the wonderful expectation of every one of God’s promises fulfilled to us. 
  • Discovering God’s goals, God’s plans, God’s dream for us personally. 


There is surely a future hope for you, 

and your hope will not be cut off.

- Proverbs 23:18


 Congratulations to KAT!  She is the winner of LAST week’s DOUBLE Giveaway {DaySpring Make up bag and a Starbucks gift card}

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DaySpring “Hope” Necklace  


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This giveaway is now closed – Congrats to Lauren! 

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30 responses to “God’s Hope // DaySpring Necklace Giveaway”

  1. Hi Danise! This is a really post for me today. I am trying to be quiet and discern what God wants for me…and it’s hard. I want to have hope in my own feelings, but I want to be sure they are in line with his hopes for me too. It can cause me to chase myself in a circle sometimes.
    If you would pray for me I would really appreciate it. That I will be solid in the hope of what he wants for me. That would be the best!
    Thank you,

  2. Thank you for the reminder to put our trust and hope in God. Also I wanted to say thank you for the beautiful journal that you sent me. I was thrilled and touched that you went to that effort. What a blessing you are. Thank you for linking up with me at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  3. I love that the Biblical definition of hope is that it is an expectation, a sure thing. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen…” We have proof that our hope is a sure thing because we serve a God who is faithful. How beautiful in this uncertain life! Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. Thank you for your words. God provides the most amazing hope. Anything can go wrong and we will have hope. I am so behind you Danise. Blessings to you as you go forward. Cheering you from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

  5. Lovely reminders, Danise. To cling to the hope that is found in Him – to pursue it expectantly. With Christ, hope really is always right around the next bend, isn’t it?! Blessings to you – just visiting from #tellhisstory.

  6. I love what you said here. Our desires can leave us feeling empty. But we need to be filled with God’s desires. I love the ease with which you write.
    (Visiting from RaRaLinkup!) Thanks!

  7. My understanding and gratitude of the virtue of Hope has grown throughout the years. I am so greatful for the gift of hope God offers us in our lives. It is such a beautiful gift!

  8. “Our expectations can be disappointed because we have placed them on people and situations.”

    I have learned this lesson the hard way time and time again. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of where we can find lasting Hope, Danise!

  9. Thank you Denise for your blogs. Thank you for the reminder to place our hope in God. His love and hope for our future will never fail.

  10. Hope springs eternal, God’s love is eternal. Thank you for your posts. Always uplifting, always hopeful…Prayers and good thoughts!!!

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