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But I Don’t Want to Wait

Are you like me?  Do you scan the check out lines in the store to find the shortest one?

I know that waiting in lines at the check out is just a part of shopping, but I don’t want to wait. 

Just like I know that God’s promises will never fail me in life, but I don’t want to wait for the fulfillment of His promises.

Waiting means there will be a delay in what I want or what I am hoping for.

Waiting challenges me.

It causes me to choose a perspective.

I can look at waiting as just wasted time and a reason to give into doubt and fear or I can choose to be faithfully patient during the delay, believing that God can be trusted to keep His promises.

When I view waiting as wasted time I can’t see the value of the temporary pause.  Which becomes perfect  soil for fear and doubt to grow in my heart.

One of the definitions for waiting is readiness and availability.

This definition still requires a delay in what I am hoping for but it reveals purpose for the waiting period.

Am I preparing so that I am ready and available for what I am waiting for?

And if I am,  then the time I spend waiting wasn’t wasted time at all.  It becomes a important part of the fulfilled promise.

Is there something you are waiting for?

Rather than getting disappointed and frustrated with the delay, ask God to show you how to use that time to get ready and be prepared to receive what you are going for.

“I will wait for The Lord … I will put my trust in Him.”  Isaiah 8:17


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