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A Lot Has Happened…

Oh my….

Where have the months gone?

Oh yeah that’s right, a lot has happened.

We had the holidays with a few unexpected house guests.  One of them was a fourteen year old boy who I never met before he stayed with us for a couple months.  Now, he is like an extended member of the family.

I love the holidays, but unlike so many other amazing bloggers out there, I don’t do that well finding time to blog during that time.

I did write.  I wrote quite a bit actually.  I finished the rough draft of a book.  Yep.  On February 15 of this year I finally finished the rough draft of a book I have been working on for ten years.  We’ll see what happens from here?  I’ll keep you posted.

Then, of course there was the construction we had to do in our master bedroom due to a broken pipe that left a huge hole in my ceiling… all repaired and fixed now.  And I am happy to report that our marriage is still in tack as well. (those of you who have ever under gone construction while living in your home, know what I meant by the last statement)

I did find a little time to enjoy one of my most favorite things in the world to do… riding rollercoasters!  I am the new record holder at Knott’s Berry Farm for riding the Xcelerator rollercoaster 150 times in one day.  It was awesome!

Meanwhile, I joined a 60 day fitness challenge.  Working out seven days a week. (some of them two a days) and following a strict nutrition plan including a daily food journal.  Our final weigh in is this Friday.  This completes the final stage in my weight loss journey.  I have reached the goal (not just part of it) the actual number on the scale that I have been working toward.  There are so many lessons God taught me in this final phase of weight loss, too much to share in this short update, but more blog posts will follow for sure.  I will say this, God is the best coach ever!!!

Yep.  A lot has happened since I last drafted a post here. Like many of you, I wear a lot of hats.  Wife.  Mom.  Friend.  Bible study teacher. Mentor.  Pastoral counselor. Dream Center Transitions Program Director. Book Keeper.  Housekeeper.  Grocery shopper. Fitness lover.  Blogger.  Maybe even someday, Author?

But… most importantly, through it all, one thing remains the same, I am His.  It’s in that I find my true unchanging identity, God’s daughter.

It feels good to be back.  Hope to talk to you soon :)


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4 responses to “A Lot Has Happened…”

  1. Just wanted to say HI! And congrats on completing a first draft of a book! That’s awesome. I have a feeling I am at the beginning of a book that may just take ten years to complete. But I am learning to trust His timing :) I too just came back from a nice long social media/blogging break. I missed it, but it was so refreshing. Also, I noticed that you mentioned the Dream Center, made me think of a wonderful time in my life when I spent a summer interning for Foursquare Missions and did so much work with the Dream Center. Just an incredible ministry! Stopping by from #TellHisStory

    1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for the encouragement! Start writing the book God is giving you…. and don’t stop until your finished… no matter how long it takes :) thank you so much for stopping by

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