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I Choose Joy

3 Ways to Find Joy Again

Sometimes life hurts.  When the heart aches with grief, God is there to comfort us and help us find the strength to overcome with His joy.

“The Joy of the Lord is your strength.” – Nehemiah 8:10 

“Joy is a steady, inner strength that has the ability to surpass and override our most discouraging situations.  Joy is actually the tool God has provided to help us through the hardships of life, and yet, oddly, it is usually the first thing we let go of when life gets hard.” –  Fulfilled: Learning to Live the Life God Promised

Joy is a precious gift from God to help us live the Fulfilled life He promised, but how do we choose joy when our heart has been struck with pain?

Recently, I was talking with my friend Susan Mead about joy.  She is a woman who understands how difficult it is to choose joy in the midst of pain.

Although, she experienced the devastating loss of her son and her mama’s heart misses Kyle every day, she overflows with the joy of Lord.  

She could have chosen to quietly isolate herself and try to survive life, instead she allowed Jesus to breathe joy into her soul again.

Then, she wrote a book to share with others the hope that God gave to her:  Dance with Jesus

Embracing joy again is a process when we are grieving.

Here are three ways that Susan has found helpful to living with joy in her life again.

(1)  Turn dark to light:  Look up and out of self, where it’s so dark and isolated.

(2)  Daily renew my mind with His Word.

(3)  Believe who he says He is and who I AM in HIM! See, there is His name in me!  I AM.

You can join Susan’s ongoing conversation on overcoming grief with the hope and joy of Jesus here >> Twitter / Facebook / Website / Book

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18 responses to “3 Ways to Find Joy Again”

  1. Praise God that His joy, the fruit of His Spirit, is our strength and our song! Living out that reality saves us from trying to somehow drum up joy on our own … an impossibility for sure!

    Your beautiful note wrapped around that wonderful Starbucks gift card blessed me so … and I’ve sent the gift card off to my daughter who will in turn be blessed as she gives herself a much-needed treat during this grieving season.

    Love how God has brought us together! May your week shine for Him, girl …

  2. This is so timely – a dear friend has just lost a nephew to suicide. The future looks so dark to her and to his parents…..praise God they continue to seek the everlasting Light by turning to Scipture for comfort and promises.

  3. I won a copy of Susan’s book in a giveaway and had it sent to my dear friend who recently lost her husband, and not a month later had a lumpectomy. She is now dealing with some new health issues, but still remains faithful in her faith in God’s provision. Thank you both for writing such uplifting books to help God’s women.

  4. It wasn’t until I seeked Jesus and attended service at Angelus Temple; that I was able to get out of my depression and find joy again.

  5. Thank you Danise! My pastor just preached about choosing joy when faced with life’s difficulties. After watching the movie War Room the message has been reinforced that we are in a battle for our minds. We have to meet God in prayer and memorize His word to protect ourselves from the arrows of lonliness, depression, bitterness, and anger. I look forward to reading this book. What a tremendous testimony Susan has shared.

  6. Number Three really speaks to me. I have never thought about I AM in that way. I have thought that He is in me, but with those words set in that sentence, I sense something far bigger than I had before. He is far larger than my imagination had allowed. I can let my thoughts of God have no limits.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  7. Thank you for sharing this about joy. God is so good to give us joy, even in the midst of pain and sorrow. I have seen it and I have felt it. I have seen Him turn my sad little five year old into a joyful young man. Praise the Lord. Kathi

    1. Awe… thank you for sharing this Kathi. Yes! Praise the Lord for the joy He has given to your precious son. Blessings to you!

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