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3 Steps to Breaking Free From Unhealthy Thoughts

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17 

Have you ever been frustrated because you want to believe that you are a new creation in Christ, but sometimes, you feel like you are doomed to watch yourself make the same mistakes over and over again?  I have.

The old mentalities, behaviors and our sin nature are constantly battling the God-given Spirit of freedom within us.

3 Steps to Breaking Free From Unhealthy Thoughts:

1.  Identify the lies

By “lies”, I mean powerful thoughts that have the ability to form what we believe, but when compared to the truth of God’s Word, they would be considered false.

It is often difficult to identify these thoughts as lies because we have often accepted them as truth for so long.

This why we have to be truly honest with ourselves and ask: What thoughts or beliefs do I struggle with that keep me from experiencing freedom?

2.  Replace the lies with the truth

Once we have uncovered the lies in our thought patterns, it’s time to replace them with the truth.

The Bible is filled with scriptures that will set us free from lies.  Day-by-day and thought-by-thought, we begin to retrain our thinking to align with God’s promises.

If we want God’s freedom, we have to believe God’s truth.

3. Pray for God’s help and guidance 

Freedom is not a product of our power or strength but the power of God’s Spirit.


We need to partner with God continually in prayer as He guides us to victory.

May your week be filled with the power of God’s truth as you walk in your God-given freedom one thought at a time.

I share these 3 steps and many other practical steps to living the fulfilled life God promised in more detail throughout my book, Fulfilled.  50% of the proceeds are donated to helping people overcome things like abuse, addiction and  homelessness at The Dream Center.

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13 responses to “3 Steps to Breaking Free From Unhealthy Thoughts”

  1. Oh those lies we believe, Danise! They’re way too many to count, they weave their way into the fabric of who we are.

    Praise God that the Spirit gives insight, shining His light into those recesses and helping us to rid ourselves of those lies and embrace the truth of who we are in Christ.

    Thanks for kicking my week off into high gear, friend. Always a joy to visit with you for a few …

  2. What a timely message. Thank you for enduring and persevering through all of these things that we deal with. The struggle gets real!

  3. Not only those lies we believe, but we also need to break free from people who constantly remind us of those lies. And sometimes that is even more difficult.

  4. Great tips and steps for an important part of our life as Christians. Reading this makes me want to read the book again!! – Jesus makes us Free! – Thanks for sharing this encouraging post Danise!


  5. Danise, I often ask myself “Is this truth? Or is it my perception?” My perception is not always His truth! Thanks for your excellent pointers! Joining you today from Tell His Story!

  6. You are right that we often start out believing the lies are truth. When I was a girl I thought that being a perfectionist was a strength. It took me quite a bit of suffering to recognize that it was actually holding me back from becoming all I was created to be. God Bless You!

  7. The lies can be so overwhelming, can’t they? And of course they disguise themselves as truth so it’s even harder to demolish them. The Word is our weapon, I’m so thankful God had the foresight to know what we would need.

  8. What a good and practical word, Danise!

    I love your three simple steps!

    I came over today on Dance with Jesus, and I’m glad to find your post.

    I hope you have a blessed day today~

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